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alexchan Feb 6, 2010


It seems you already watched "Mama is a 4th Grader"! Could you tell me where I can get it? Even RAW is fine!


Folter Jan 10, 2010

gosh, you've seen Higashi no Eden movie ** Where did you get it??

KimiNoSha Aug 13, 2009

dont get me wrong... its just i got no intrest in them...

once i got nothing else to see... i will think twice weather want to watch it or not...

for now i dont like them because i dont like anime's graphic or the Genres...

you can see from the list yourself~ a lot of the animes, the graphic is not nice and the storyline is not one of my intrest...a lot of people from the forums i came form also ask the same question =P

i hope you understand, i dont want to cost any inconvenience for you or others...

Galadriel Aug 12, 2009

o.o whats with that long wont watch anime list? o.o so many animes that u dun like? or u just marked them like that bcz u had nothing else to do? lol