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When I first heard about “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,” I was unimpressed.  After all, the entire plot was revealed in the title and time travel is a common cliché.  Despite strong reviews and testimonial from friends, I dreaded watching it and procrastinated.  When I finally did watch it, I was pleasantly surprised.  After pondering this fact, I realized that I respected the quality of the direction and acting--the actual premise wasn’t as important as I had previously determined.

I explain this because it defines what I like about anime over other media.  Anime is a medium that can convey a wide variety of different themes and ideas.  So instead of liking one theme or genre (say fantasy),  I find myself respecting and admiring shows that are quality first (in terms of voice acting, animation, character development, direction, music, etc); the theme itself is less important.

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Tomikohara says...

*Utawarerumono Spoiler*

There are many different tribes, large and small, with a handful of small physical differences, implying quite an amount of time has passed since the Iceman event to leave space for evolution, so I do believe that incest is not an issue.

Aruru's death and consequence scene was fantastic, and later dressed with some interesting explanations for the plot, but I know how you feel; I am oh so aware and familiar with cheap intensity. There's something that's always really bothered me, something that almost all anime shows do to bring shock and surprise, anger and sadness, then relief and happiness to the viewer, and that is to kill off an important or easily-liked character, only to have them come back to life when they would realistically have died. This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that about 90% of creators go for this impact, making it very ho-hum to viewers who have watched lots of anime already, who end up knowing what lies ahead. In a way, what's worse is when a viewer believes that the character is going to come back to life like in any other show but they DON'T, and the whole scene which the viewer would have honestly felt really empathetic with is passed through with lack of empathy, interest and disappointment. Once the viewer realizes that said character actually died, which might take half an episode to a couple of episodes to realize, they are greatly disappointed at, how should I say this... how they wasted that scene with lack of interest when they wouldn't have if they knew that that type of show wasn't like the 90% I'm talking about.

May 3, 2008
Tomikohara says...

*Utawarerumono Spoiler*

The way you started off your review made me feel at first like it was just another ok show for you, but after reading your other 9 posts and noticing that it's #2 on your top 5 list made me realize that you really enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading your review on it. I'd love to watch it again as I can't remember everything as vividly as I'd like, but here's some small review chunks of mine on it.

It's hard to have so many semi-main characters in a 26 episode show (actually, almost any length show because with a longer show you have to worry about viewers not feeling like the plot, the characters and their stories are all over the place, or forgetting certain things about certain characters) and have each have enough characteristic distinction and ongoing development, especially when dealing with a show that has a lot of plot. Still, I think they did a decent job and enjoyed the way, like you said, they were interwoven together. Hakuoro's character was wonderful in the ways that you expressed, and I do wish they would have gone into more detail with some of the semi-main characters, but, yeah... Karura struck me as an unimportant character in how she contributed to the story altogether, and her own story and its resolve felt weak as well. Kuuya's character and her development was interesting; Although a tragic ending for her, I liked the way they dealt with her. The pact between Hakuoro and Eruru was very interesting and I'd like to watch the show again and carefully pay attention to it to better collect my thoughts on it.

I agree about the villains; They were very poorly done. They didn't have enough reason behind their thoughts and actions, and if they weren't insane, they were Too evil. It felt like the creators were trying way too hard to make the watchers hate the villains.

May 3, 2008
Tomikohara says...

So what did you think of Utawarerumono?  I myself was surprised by the plot twist but really enjoyed how unusual it was. The characters were very interesting as well. I still have a hard time beleiving that Dori and Gura are males...

May 2, 2008
Tomikohara says...

I believe you were already planning on watching Utawarerumono before we started chatting, but I did kind of recommend it to you. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Apr 24, 2008
Tomikohara says...
Wow... too bad the server crashed. Besides losing all the watched anime updates and such that I've made since the last month, I'm rather sad to have lost all of your long comments :\ *School Days minor spoiler* Well, I'll keep this short. I watched School Days and enjoyed it, possibly more because I expected it to be worse (and yes I enjoyed the ending, but I saw it coming =P). I know that Makoto is a dumb@$$ to say the least and he sure is on the list of most hated male anime characters, but I don't feel like he's the worst (I'd have to think about who I feel is the worst...) Sekai wasn't too smart either... I don't think the show should have been called "School Days" because it implies that the show depicts normal school life, which in my mind it doesn't. There are a couple things that bother me, but one that seems really irrelevant is how, in the first episode, you find out that Makoto is a smart student because he's #2 on the score list (if I remember correctly... I believe it was his name!) but we never see him study or care about school work and he really doesn't seem like the type who could get such high ratings. I think they should have skipped over this and not written his name there. (Oi, this ended up being longer than I planned >_>)
Mar 23, 2008