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When I first heard about “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,” I was unimpressed.  After all, the entire plot was revealed in the title and time travel is a common cliché.  Despite strong reviews and testimonial from friends, I dreaded watching it and procrastinated.  When I finally did watch it, I was pleasantly surprised.  After pondering this fact, I realized that I respected the quality of the direction and acting--the actual premise wasn’t as important as I had previously determined.

I explain this because it defines what I like about anime over other media.  Anime is a medium that can convey a wide variety of different themes and ideas.  So instead of liking one theme or genre (say fantasy),  I find myself respecting and admiring shows that are quality first (in terms of voice acting, animation, character development, direction, music, etc); the theme itself is less important.

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Tomikohara says...

Aah! Besides sex appeal which is plastered into everything, I have to complain too about the irrelevant sex scenes in so many movies... I'm starting to think that if there's a movie with a sex scene in it I should just avoid the movie, because there's more than a 3/4 chance that it's a pointless and irrelevant scene, just there to get the guys aroused. In my head it screams "our storyline and characters are too poor so we need to add a sex scene". It's so annoying...

Wow nearly 400 poems? I don't think I'll ever end up writing that much! That's an interesting story... Did the girl end up becoming your girlfriend or did the poems never reach her? Ah you don't need to answer that ^^; Your book sounds very interesting, I really love the idea behind it! I believe I'll enjoy your work =3 My e-mail is [email protected]

Once again I completely agree with you about the whole Sauron and evil guys issue. There's not much more I can add to what you've said except complain about specific evil characters, so I'll just leave it at that.

I understand how it could be difficult for you to leave where you are right now... and I don't really know how else to reply to your first couple of paragraphs ^^;. But could you tell me what you meant by "fall from the pedestals and shatter"?

I hope it works out for you down there!

Dec 11, 2008
Tomikohara says...

I've been waiting for Clannad After Story for the same reason.

Ah that's a bummer about the job... I have no family or friends and am quite adaptable to changes so it's easy for me to say "ditch them and start your life wherever it seems most satisfactory!" but it's hard to start a new life somewhere new and by yourself, the biggest reason having to do with money. Everything is just so ridiculously expensive, especially in the big cities. I honestly don't know how students who live on their own and use money out of their own pockets do it... but nothing's worse than working a dead-end job that means nothing to you, only to return home everyday to a life-time of debt and no real excitement. There are ways around it of course, it just takes more determination and will to live slightly differently than most.

Besides poems, I wrote a novel once in highschool, and after reading it a while after it was finished, I was surprised at how bad it was hahah. The biggest problem was that is was way too fast paced. In my head, and while slowly writing it at first, it seemed totally different. (I think it's strange how fast paced my story ended up being when I'm the type that needs to write a lot to explain anything). I realized it was hard to differenciate the thoughts in my head with how much I Thought I was conveying on paper. I have a very hard time explaining on paper or in speech the thoughts in my head and it's very frustrating so I left it at that. But please tell me a bit about your book. I'd love to read it when you're done, if you're willing to share =3 Maybe you could recommend me some fiction? I assume you have an idea of what I enjoy and maybe you could point me in the right direction because I sure don't know where to pick up.

Hmm for me it was the Discovery Channel ^^. "Western culture never tried to reinvent the idea of magic. Hollywood is just about special effects rather than the having interesting concepts." I completely agree with you and it's a big fat shame.

Dec 9, 2008
Tomikohara says...

Oh I've been meaning to ask; What have you been up to lately?

Dec 9, 2008
Tomikohara says...

I'm actually quite interested in Denno Coil, I think it's very neat and I don't know why I didn't rate it higher than the 3.5 I gave it. When I look at the ratings I've given to some shows it makes me feel bad because the ratings aren't consistent, there's so many things to consider, ugh I never fixed some of them... 

I watched the first 3 episodes of Denno Coil months ago so I don't vividly remember any details... but I know it made me feel really happy to stumble upon an anime that was refreshing in terms of feel, art and storyline. I'm curious to see how it'll develop. I stalled on it because I couldn't find the rest and the time to watch the rest, I've been rather busy here lately as well.

Moving out, roadtripping, buying a sailboat, and losing my mind of course, but I've also got my big love of books back (I feel burdened everytime I think about the dozens and dozens of books on my bookshelves that are calling my name to be read... -_-;) I've been watching all kinds of different-themed anime as well, anything that is different from the previous to stimulate me I suppose. I just finished watching Clannad and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it compared to what I thought before plunging in (and considering I really didn't enjoy the first episodes of Air or Kanon). I believe it was the feel of the entire show. It's soft colors and emotions, and all the songs were lovely. I liked Tomoya Okazaki as well. Before that I watched a lot of Naruto Shippuuden, rewatched Pom-Poko, watched a bit of Code Geass R2, and just recently took a peek at Princess Princess...

The vasteness of the themes of books I've been reading is as big too. I was reading some geisha books before I dug into a dinosaur book, gemstones/rocks/fossils, followed by pirates, historic maritime maps, natural disasters, many books dealing with the consequences of Hitler's "final solution", and now I'm about to finish reading "Into Thin Air". But it never seems to end. I think what's really frustrating about reading books and owning a lot is that I often find myself not being able to decide which book I want to read next -_-; Knowing which good fiction book to read is even harder on my brain and also not as interesting because it's not factful, I believe that's why I stick with non-fiction and bigraphies... that's where anime fills in the fiction gap ^^

I believe Higurashi will take yet again another surprising turn and I can't wait for it, so maybe I should just watch it again... Yes I know I've said that in the past, and that's because I really mean it =3

Dec 9, 2008
Tomikohara says...

Hmmmm it seems that the message I wrote earlier never got sent... I'll write it again then! (I hope this one gets sent...)

It's good to hear from you again ^^ I missed reading your reviews, and now I'm very interested in watching Bokurano. I've watched the movie of Lord of The Flies and after reading Bokurano's description, I have an idea of what you're trying to say. I really can't wait to watch it, and I'll let you know what I think of it once I've seen it ^^

Dec 7, 2008