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CrimsonSunShine says...

Oh, I love Rika, seeing as she's the protagonist... she's a real interesting character! I'm not so sure about Rena though.

May 16, 2011
CrimsonSunShine says...

No reason is lame! It's an opinion, afterall. Actually, I can understand why you'd think that, since the anime didn't really delve into her character like it did for the rest of the characters. So, who's your favorite Higurashi character, dau?

May 14, 2011
CrimsonSunShine says...



Not to start an argument, on a mere personal opinion. I am just looking for a discussion, as I have no profile comments, and such. So, may I ask, why is it that you hate Mion Sonozaki? I'm just curious, is all.

Apr 17, 2011