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Chelsae says...


Aug 13, 2011
MangaAnimeSeeker says...

Kay. :P And i did not duck out. My teleportation went faulty.. and you wouldn't do the signal. :) You should be thankful that i'm letting you off. >:) Next time, you traverse here.. then we battle. Well.. then i slaughter you. :D Yeah i know, fb is a douche. Seems to be working again but ugh.. so annoying.

Aug 7, 2011
MangaAnimeSeeker says...

Woah, woah, woah. Back up. That was uncalled for...D: I was just  innocently talking to you on fb, thinking you were the same nice, little girl. But you show your colours now, huh? =__= Its a VERY accurate portrayal of my hair.. i have no idea what you're implying there. I know.. its too positive.. so i'm sending you a very patronising "Welcome" to intimidate you. Because there isn't one that says "that was uncalled for...". Was gonna say your avatar was cool as well. :'( Such a good friend.

Aug 6, 2011
MangaAnimeSeeker says...

...Your stalker. O.o Seriously, Laure. You'll read this comment in about five years, the next time you come on.

Aug 2, 2011
Chelsae says...

thanks for that Lauren... xD

*sigh* I wish my name was spelt like this.

Jul 21, 2011