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 ef - a tale of melodies is a very disappointing sequel to  ef - a tale of memories (which was very good) and makes you want to watch the first series again just to remind yourself why you loved the first one to begin with. You remember all of the likeable characters in the first series? Yeah now they all have little minor roles and are barely in the melodies; now we have all the minor characters in memories as the main characters now. That’s Yuu, Shuichi, Yuuko, and Mutha Fuckin Mizuki (WHY?!)

This really could’ve been good if it was done right, I don’t know if it was because these characters aren’t as good as the first series but to me it just was very boring and just plain weird (Shuichi has some trippy scenes). The story is essentiality trying to do the same as memories by having two story arcs going on simultaneously; there’s a flashback story of when Yuu and Yuuko were younger and how they met each other and that story is ok but doesn’t really go anywhere. The second story is so bad, apparently Mizuki falls in love with Shuichi but Shuichi is dying of some sort of condition I can’t really remember what it was but all I know is Shuichi is like 10 years older than Mizuki and they try to turn it into a love story but the whole time it was just plain weird and I did not like it.

Had no problems with the animation, it was probably the most redeeming factor of the whole series but just the animation only could not save it. Once again the animation does the same artistic style of memories and if only the story was better it could’ve been added to it.

Characters this time around are very forgettable; Mizuki is annoying, Shuichi is a letdown because I thought he was a ladies man in memories and now he’s a whinny little bitch in melodies, Yuu is ok, and Yuuko is a pointless character who dies all of a sudden and it’s so random that it just makes you go “WHAT?!”

Overall I could not believe this was the same group that made ef - a tale of memories, I had to double check to see if I was watching the right show a couple of times and I just was very disappointed. Who anyone how has seen the first series please do not waste your time with ef - a tale of melodies, it really does not add anything to the series as a whole and you will save yourself a lot of time by just skipping it.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3/10 overall

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kio3459 says...

Dude, Im so with you on this anime.. I pretty hate all the characters in this anime.  I liked the EF - Tale of Memories but the sequel is.. so boring.. I cant believe how so many people have rated this anime so high. 

Dec 17, 2012