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Elfen Lied

Sep 17, 2012

Elfen Lied was the first Anime I ever watched with Subtitles and for me it’s become the norm to watch Anime’s subbed. There are good Anime’s that can be dubbed (a.k.a. Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Baccano, etc.) but when this came out there was no dub for it and everyone was telling me “Dude you gotta watch this” so I did and I loved it when it first came out. When I got older and got the opportunity to see other Anime’s my feelings for Elfen Lied changed but not too extreme.

The very first 7 minutes of the first episode leaves you in sure bloody bliss and you immediately are hooked and want more, then you get a story that’s just bland and kind of boring towards the end (loved episodes 1-9). We have our main character Kouta who has come back to his home town to start a new life, yadda yadda yadda we know this story; then we are introduced to her cousin Yuka (who is annoying as fuck) and the both of them find a pink hair girl washed up at the beach with “horns” on her head. The two have the bright idea to take her home, and when it is discovered that this girl can only say Nyu then guess what? That is what they called her, Nyu. (Your very own human sized pokemon) Nyu, however, is Lucy; the same woman that escaped and slaughter all those military men as if they were nothing. Lucy I guess has a split personality and the rest is pretty much the same. The Military tries to find Lucy, Lucy kills and escapes, Lucy goes throughout the series going from Nyu to Lucy, and Kouta is remembering things that happened in the past that he, apparently, blocked out. Whoopie.

When it comes to the animation it’s perfect and absolutely sick (in a good way). Dismemberment of body parts and spraying of blood has never looked so lovely. This to me is the strong point of the whole Elfen Lied series, when you see the blood and gore it truly is something to be seen. Hell they even have nice calm moments with vast scenery of fields of trees and flowers that look nice, it’s a nice balance brutal and beauty. To this day I love the scenes in Elfen Lied and can’t find any better.

Sound is good. The opening song is somber and sweet and if you never seen the show before it might be a little misleading going into the series. So all I can really say is the sound is ok, not bad but nothing Hanz Zimmer like.

Really the only good characters are both Lucy and Kouta, everyone else is just either annoying or has no real purpose. Yuka was useless and served no purpose other than saying “ME ME ME” all the time. Nana, who comes in later in the series, the only thing she was good at was losing her body parts, and Mayu (Oh dear God no!!!) should not have been there, PERIOD! Bando, who was a badass military guy, was really the only other guy who I thought would’ve had great potential to be a cool character but he was barely in the show at all. (Way to go guys)

Overall I really like this Anime but there are just some parts that I just couldn’t stand. Example: Kouta’s memory, I hated that whole story. Are you gonna sit there and tell me that he forgot something so tragic that even when he sees her horns he just shakes it off as if it was nothing? Personally I have never gone through PTSD, but I mean that is just something you can’t forget right? I don’t know that just bothered me, and the ending was REALLY bad. You go through this whole story and that is how you end it? Please! If you wanna watch this Elfen Lied watch it Subbed, the Dub is atrocious and makes Nana and Mayu sound even WORSE! If you want to see some really cool gore and killings you will not be disappointed, just don’t expect a story that makes any sense or ends well either.  

6/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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KillerZEK87 Sep 19, 2012

It's not so much that she was annoying it's that she really didn't add anything to the series. I mean she literally came into the show only to get destroyed by Lucy. Right then and there should've been the last time we saw her but instead she somehow becomes Mayu's friend and gets into the group of characters. AND to top it all off when we get the Chief’s daughter in the story she totally mutilates Nana again. So again she wasn't annoying (I hated her voice in the English Dub) to me she was just a pointless character.

PinkyIvan Sep 18, 2012

Good review. As for anyoing characters... Why u no like Nana!?!?