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  • Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is not good. But this time I'll tell you why reasonably.

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Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien is not good. But this time I'll tell you why reasonably.

19 AUG

Oh man real review format and everything. This time I'm going after another one that is popular for reasons I can't fathom.

UGH FORMATTING GIVE ME A SECOND TO FIX IT - what the hell I didn't even do that. Whatever it'll do for now because I'll probably just break it otherwise.

Story - 6/10


Kimi ga Nozumu Eien is an anime that divides people. It's not uncommon for the series to be rated as one of the best romance stories ever told in an anime. However, for everyone who thinks like this there seems to be another who finds the show to be purely average. My opinion is of the latter.


In the beginning the series is as sweet as can be. Though quickly it is turned on it's head, it's impossible to explain without spoiling the series but I found myself eagerly anticipating the next episode. Unfortunately that's where KGNE falls flat on it's face. Instead of furthering the story in a believable fashion it instead falls back onto a typical anime crutch that solicited an audible groan from me.


It does redeem itself slightly through the series, and has a satisfactory ending. I can't shake the feeling however, that it could have been so much more. Rather than taking a new and innovative path it follows what I see as a typical anime storyline. It's much like an infant who in his early years has dreams of being an astronaut, before being dragged off to be an average salary man by their parents.


Then again, perhaps it is a bit much to expect amazing things from an anime based on an adult visual novel.


Animation – 6.5/10


With this section a pattern starts to unfold with regards to Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. On one hand the art is good. The colour selection is pleasing on the eye, animation is at a generally good level and the backgrounds are enjoyable to look at. It seems to tick all the right boxes to be a very well animated piece.


Unfortunately it doesn't quite get there. Instead the artists decided to serve up a big dollop of mediocrity with the character designs. They are absolutely uninspired, large eyes big colourful hair. Sure it looks nice but it's been seen a thousand times before, and I've become somewhat jaded towards the stereotypical anime character design.

It's like a ricer who decks out his new car with flame decals, a new paint job, stylish spoiler and the works before realising that his car is a Vauxhall Nova.


I did want to rate the animation high as well because parts deserve it, the character designs smothered that like wet blanket though.


Sound – 6/10


In the spirit of this review I'll come out and say it directly. The sound is pretty standard. I'll start with the good part however – The voice acting is of a good quality. I enjoyed listening to the majority of the characters.


Right that's enough of the praise back to the disapproval. I am a big believer in the idea that music can either make or break a series. A well placed spirit raising track, or depressing piano piece can really set the mood and keep a scene memorable. Unfortunately there are no memorable tracks in KGNE. So much so that 5 minutes after the series ended I could not recall a single piece of music that stuck in my mind, not even the OP or ED were above average.


Once again competence is shown, but quickly hidden before it taints the rest of the show with it's quality.


Characters – 3/10


Ah excellent, here's the section I was waiting for. KGNE is a milestone in the character department for me, I don't think I've been angrier at a collective cast of characters ever before.


Selfishness. Indecisiveness. Whininess. Hesitancy. Traits such as these feature heavily in the show, and this in itself is not a bad thing. Certainly with the situations the characters find themselves in it is understandable that people would show that sort of behaviour. In the case of KGNE however they are thrust in the face of the viewer all too often, and especially in the case of selfishness their intensity is far too high.


Some of the decisions that characters made and the actions they took had me clenching my teeth in anger. It does say something about a character that can invoke such a reaction in the viewer, however it was all of the characters that provoke this. There was no break from the constant irritation that was drilled into my head.


Like in all aspects of this anime there were a couple of good points. The beginning episodes were much more enjoyable in terms of characterisation. Unlike in the other categories though, the bad points largely outweigh the good.


Overall – 5/10


I can't think of a more fitting rating to describe this series, and yet it had potential to be great. It's like raising a child to be a great sportsman and then before their great debut purposely breaking their legs yourself. It's potential was utterly wasted and that frustrates me greatly.


Saying that, it isn't a bad watch, and lots of people do still enjoy it.

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Roman avatar Roman
Dec 31, 2009

Kind of hard to take you seriously with a username like that.

Just sayin'.

default avatar 3dLab
Dec 27, 2009

because of that i think your review is wrong

default avatar 3dLab
Dec 27, 2009

indeed some points u've focused are correct... just try this point of view... if u think that "Selfishness. Indecisiveness. Whininess. Hesitancy" try to put your side in anyone of the charecters specialy the guy... and u'll see that it's a extremely complicated situation... because any action that u choose will have a great disadvantage to the charecter.... if u put on the guy's side ull see that is very hard to make the critical decision that's why hesitation follows the story...if u try to understand the situation u'll probably wont have the same thoughts that u have right now

Funkgun avatar Funkgun
Aug 19, 2009

Hmm, sounds like I might just skip it. Sounds like the cast could infuriate me as well. 

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