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  • Elfen Lied is horrible and so is everyone who liked it.

Elfen Lied is horrible and so is everyone who liked it.

18 AUG

Oh that's right I'm going there.

"Elfen Lied is my favourite anime. It is a mature anime for mature anime watchers such as myself, with intricate supblots and narrative on human nature this series is deep on many levels."

^ If anybody has ever frequented an anime forum, or heard recommendations on other forums they have likely heard something along these lines.

WELL YOUR OPINION IS WRONG - let me tell you why mine is better.

Elfen Lied is horrible. A mish-mash of unnecessary nudity, gore, incest and a poor story. This mix somehow attracts your average faux-intellectual chucklefuck to waffle on about it at the drop of a hat.

It's horrible, and is the bottom of the barrel. Watch something that doesn't pass of Nyuu pissing herself as being "deep". Or something that doesn't flas disembodiments and tits at you at every passing notice and you might find something a little better to watch. (AND BECOME A BETTER PERSON. YOU TERRIBLE PERSON)

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AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Aug 20, 2009

I watched the first episode months ago. I feel compelled to watch the rest eventually because I hate dropping things, but I know I'm going to hate it. Why the dickens do so many people like this?

Kari5 avatar Kari5
Aug 19, 2009

Man, I was wondering why I was the only one who didn't that show. About 60% of that show was blood, boobs, and Nyuu trying to be cute.

TheOmnipotentLemur avatar TheOmnipotentLemur
Aug 18, 2009

Also: If you take all the grammatical issues and spelling errors in that post, you will find a secret code.

TheOmnipotentLemur avatar TheOmnipotentLemur
Aug 18, 2009

I have never seen Elfen Lied. However, the capslocks in your post have caused me to enter a rage from which the only return is a wall of text. So-

Human nature is, according in insane phycologists, either Violence or Sex. Everything we do is somewhere on the sex-killing scale. Draw a Picture? Its an attempt to get laid. Eat a carrot? its for energy to kill. Being "deep" is just being unpredictable on that scale. "Will they f*ck or kill next?".  By this idea, Elfen Lied is among the deepest, most cultured anime ever conceived. The writers almost without doubt employed dice to determine this. 

The second definition of "deep" is "How much did alcoholic critics like it, and will claiming to like this get me laid?" By this definition too, you are wrong my good sir. The critics loved elfen lied for its "story and technical excellence in production quality, animation and color." Thus, its good. Because people say it is.

Third, and finally, its deep in metaphors and quotes. Everyone loves quotes. Metaphors make people feel stupid sometimes, but it can be forgiven because it quotes a lot. Look at its intro, for example! Its ominous latin chanting. But is it just any latin chant? No. It translates into a complete gibberish stream of quotes and philosophy. I, as aforementioned, have never watched it, but I presume it continues in this style into the show. 

And so, my friend, you post was bad and you should feel bad.

Your good friend,


Omurqi avatar Omurqi
Aug 18, 2009

xD bwahaha, oh wow, thanks

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