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  • I have very opinionated, belligerent and fanboyish reviews (AND YOU CAN TOO!)

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I have very opinionated, belligerent and fanboyish reviews (AND YOU CAN TOO!)

20 JUL

Want to know how?

Most reviews are done from a pretty objective viewpoint. It makes sense, the reader can pick out the pros and cons of a series and match it up to their personal taste, without the taint of a reviewers slobbering fanboyishness coming off everywhere.

I however, don't. I will finish a series, and not 10 minutes later have written down what I thought about it from a very opinionated point of view. I won't mince words, if I thought that a character began as a chucklefuck and evolved into a fountain of manliness (looking at you Renton) I'll say it. Even if in the bigger picture, that isn't what happened.

There are others like me, they thrive off anime that beats the hell out of your emotions rather than your intellect. Then go off on belligerent internet rants for no reason (thought this blog was going to be coherent? haha fuck that.) These people who are like me though, often find these well written impartial reviews largely useless.

Great, x is a deep character but the colour pallete leaves a lot to be desired. What I often find myself asking, is how often was the reviewer choking back tears? How often were they standing up shouting at the monitor. Probably most important for me, at the end of the series did the reviewer have a big grin on their face for the rest of the day?

Of course, this type of reviewing could never replace the current type, if you've actually bothered to read through this blog I'm sure you'll agree how belligerent and disjointed the writing style becomes.

But I'll fill this enormous (tiny) gap myself in the form of blog posts as my English isn't up to site reviewer level!

Hope you enjoy my angry/fist-pumping/opinionated bullshit from now on!

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sothis avatar sothis
Aug 18, 2009

keep in mind that my ranty reviews i have up are basically ranty reviews :p grammar matters, but trust me, we'd love to have others besides me onboard who enjoy a good rant.

now, of course, not all reviews should look super biased and subjective - but trust me, some people (me included) prefer reading ranty reviews over formal ones :D both are good, but just cause most of the reviewers write in a formal matter doesn't mean we aren't looking for people with your ranting skill as well ;)

if this idea interests you, try posting a blog review (preferably ranty, but it needs to be something you've fully finished) sometime in the format we have (specifically with the sections). let me know when you do and i'll give feedback.

Panta avatar Panta
Aug 18, 2009

Whats realistic about opinionated reviews and yourself is the calamity and absent regard for premeditated rules you both propose. I'll look forward to having the peace of unbiased reviews shattered and swim in the pool of enthusiasm.

What? You started it with the florid prose.

Zakiel avatar Zakiel
Jul 24, 2009

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