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Glass Mask (2005)

Feb 8, 2011

Story: A modernization of a 1970's manga or a remake of a 1970's anime. However you look at it, it has old roots. When you watch the story sadly it falls into many of the steroe types because IT's the one that gave birth to these stero types. The story line of a clumisy girl suddenly propled towards stardom is nearly as fun to watch as the character interations revolving around the plot. The rivailry/friendship going on plus Mqaya's relationship with with her secer admirer is fun to watch though so many clues left unnoticed.

Animation: It attempts to be like the old cell stil animation and it does look good in some spots but in other's it just looks akward.

Sound: Not very impressive japanese voice acting. It had another day at work feel to it. The sound track wasn't memerable either, in fact it's rare but I hated the opening themes......

Characters: Again the Character fit in the steroe types quite nicly due to the fact that they were the ones which gave birth to these stero types. The not so smart, clumsy girl, Maya, amazingly despite being the lead character she's the hardest of all the characters to relate to. Due to her inate talent and total absorbed personality it's hard to find a way to find common ground. Her mother who would seemingly go out of her way to brand her daught as a failure and make swure she fails with her polar opposite to the extreme being Tsukikage treating Maya as a diamond in the rough and willing to risk life inorder to see Maya successed. The two best characters however were the secert admirer (I think the whole Tuxedio (sailor moon) character book was taken from "Mr. Purple Rose" and the rivial character Ayumi, who was born into her role but worked twice as hard as everyone else to ensure her place was actually the best character with the most ease to relate too.

Overall: EVERY SINGLE EPISODE ENDED WITH A CLIFF i thought i was going to go insane froming HAVING to see the episode just ebcause the last ended in a cliff. The ending Kinda feels random like it's screaming "Sequel, Squel!" I then looked at the manga only to disocver that it left off at the end of one of the most recent manga volumes almost exactly the same manner

8/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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