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Story: The story follows Haruhi as she acidentally gets forced to enter a male host club. Okay now that have backdrop enter plot..................... I said enter plot............ hello plot..........? There really isn't much of a plot, it's most a character driven anime whcih follows without to much direction other then the rich boys are out to something stupid again and the girl countuines to be clues about both her emtions and the guys emtions. Random, of it's time to end this anime, inconclusive ending. There are some good character developing episodes but they don't get to do much due to the random nature of the story.

Animation: animation was so fun, dramatic angels, fluid movement, bright colors. All whcih are used to the best possible manner to enhase the comdic situations

Sound:The japanese dub was really quite well done, the back groudn music fit every mood just right.

Characters: As this is a character driven story, without good characters it would have fallen apart in episode 1. The characters all have wonderful interactions, viberant and unquie personalities. I personally love the girl that really couldn't care about her appearnce at all. A male drama Queen who's bouncing off the walls one moment claiming to be everyone's daddy and then sitting in the corner totally depressed the next. only to bonce back up in a dizzing manner.

Overall: 9.3 because despite the lack of a serious plot line it was highly enyoable to watch, just be prepared for a random cut off ending.

6.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.3/10 overall
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