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KidKaboom Jul 26, 2009

Thats true, that one long drawn out scene in the second episode.  That just builds up Senjougahara's character for me, shes so deep, complex, and fooked in the head yet confident and in tune with herself enough to be tease like that.

Yeah.. the new site is pretty, but I already have some suggestions... Haha. I'm just prude like that I guess. Probably because I got angry when my retard self couldn't figure it out. >.> Search function on profile pages so I can speed transfer my list from the other side or XML import?

sothis Jul 26, 2009

I dunno about that :p there's a lot more than just the one panty shot ;)

Good to see you're trying your account again though - this is the version I had said to come back and try once it was up. ^_^

Willing to give AP a try again? I can point out a lot of the new features if you want. In general I think this release is super solid and should pique your interest away from the other site :p