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Megane na Kanojo

24 DEC

I recentrly watched it, and i found it really interesting.

Although this OVA doesn't have anything special it is really relaxing.

There are 4 episodes, each of them foccuses on one different girl that wear glasses, and it is showed that it means something for each of them.

The first of them is Kana Asou, a member of the literature club. Junichi, her mate, thinks she is much cutter without her glasses (he hates glasses), but she never listen to him (as she loves it).

Kana Asou


The second is Aya ICHINOHE, a top idol that uses the glasses as some kind of mask to be able to relax while not working. She meets a boy (Takashi MIYAGUCHI) that has a crush on her but is not aware of her true indentity. (THis Episode makes some references of the movie ROman Holiday)


The third and my favorite is Mitsuki Kimura, she is insecure of her relationship with her boyfriend. Both of them wears glasses, and this is what "helps" her during the episode.


The Last but not least we have Kuramoto CHiaki, voiced by Kana HANAZAWA

(her younger self is so alike with Shiori from "Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai").

She had a love-hating relationship with her classmate, Tatsuya, until they became high-schoolers when she started acting coldly with him.


Although it is simple, it is a good show, and i recommend to anyone looking for some romance.

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Jet avatar Jet
Jan 19, 2011

Much better than Diamond dust drops.

Miteuse avatar Miteuse
Jan 4, 2011

Completely agree :)

It's simple but it's good !

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