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Hey my name is Kiba and I've loved anime ever since I was 7 or 8 when my best friend introduced me to Naruto manga and anime. :3 I don't have many manga, I used to collect Naruto but I stopped after the Chunin exams idk why I just stopped watching then too. Anyway I don't like Naruto Shippuden it seems stupid to me. So I still have my old Naturo manga and I have Volume one of IforgotWhat :3 lol I have very little manga 13 volumes of naruto. I read Kitchen Princess Volume 1. I loved it it was hilarious! :D anyway I'm gonna try to collect more from now on -birthday list- MANGA, ANIME, eticah. I love Wolf's Rain fav anime ever I'm getting it on dvd watched it several times XD hense the name Kiba :D I love Kiba more than anything he is my love lol. I love Kodomo No Jikan too that's my other fav anime idk why but I just love it. I haven't watched all that many anime's although I love it with all my heart I don't like watching tv so I don't watch much anime but all that's going to change. HERE COMES ANIME FREAK KIBAAAA!!!! YAHHH!!!! I love to draw anime I love drawing I love animals so animal anime's pwn XD I am a youtube freak youtube is my life I love making videos and drawing and I love lots of things XD


Youtube Accounts:

MoonStarWolfe (for anime drawings and just drawing in general)

KibaWolfeRains (for anime videos)

Eeveeloutionz (for pokemon and pkmn drawings)

LittlestPetShopPup (for lps videos yea I'm a bit old for them but it's no different than a grown man making cartoons :3


Facebook: Kiba Optimism Wolfe

email/aim: [email protected]

deviant art: KawaiiKiba

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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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