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Hey, I would love to chat with anyone who can give me new animes to watch.

About me: I have spurts of anime watching... when I find something really good. The last anime I really enjoyed, which was shocking to me, was Hana Yori Dango, Alice Acedemy, Ouran...slightly themed. I love anime with a strong female lead, I hate animes where the girl is ditzy and love struck, they annoy the crap outta me. Sooo if you can suggest anything I would like...Please tell me. I need inspiration!

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Susimaus Oct 19, 2008

hello to you too! =D

well most of the anime i watched, you alrdy watched or are watching right now ;p

but i would say you could try Kimikiss pure Rouge, Bokura ga Ita, Lovely Complex (if you can find those somewhere <.<), Tsubasa Chronicle, Chrono Crusade..hmm

Toradora! just started and its really nice too =D ooohh and one of my fav animes is Natsume Yuujinchou! its a really peaceful and heartwarming anime ._. (no romance tho..but def. not needed)

i hope i could help you with that a little bit..maybe theres something you enjoy like i do =S

jmfva Oct 18, 2008

haha, thank you... I am looking forwards to use this site to find new anime I will like!

sPyrO Oct 17, 2008

Hi Kiaso

Thx for a nice welcome :)

I've just started to use this site, and right now I'm searching for all the anime I've watched. :)

See ya' later ^^

lena16 Oct 8, 2008

hi thanx for the welcome ^_^

ace52387 May 16, 2008

Nice, I'm looking for a tech or intern job now.  I'll probably end up working at a movie theater though.  Yes!  Another NHK fan!