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Hey, I would love to chat with anyone who can give me new animes to watch.

About me: I have spurts of anime watching... when I find something really good. The last anime I really enjoyed, which was shocking to me, was Hana Yori Dango, Alice Acedemy, Ouran...slightly themed. I love anime with a strong female lead, I hate animes where the girl is ditzy and love struck, they annoy the crap outta me. Sooo if you can suggest anything I would like...Please tell me. I need inspiration!

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champy Nov 26, 2008

WeEe.. It'Z mY pLeAsUre..

try watching special a.. ur sure'ly luv it..

 yamato nadeshiko henge..

nd skip beat....

u'll really laught out loud w/ dat anime..

nose bleed man..

hmmm.. have u watched fushigi yuugi?

it's a  really  romantic anime.. hehehehe

earl and fairy is also a nice one..

as well as vampire knight nd vampire guilty

this 2 is not a comedy but a very nice anime..

anyways tnx for asking..

im so happy..

atlast i can share it with some one..

it's really worth watching for..

karlw Nov 20, 2008

Thanks for that :)

Your Avatar also looks different, doesn't it? I like it when someone drifts away from the standard Anime protagonist pics :)

Razma Nov 3, 2008

lol your welcome, I didn't list any more cause thats all that I could think of off the top of my head, i thought of another thats rather good, Crono Crusade.anyway, enjoy

Razma Nov 2, 2008

Anime with strong female Lead.. Madlax, Twelve Kingdoms, Mai-Hime(maybe), Black Lagoon(allthough the story is told from a guys perspective), Carried by the wind: Tsukikage Ran(Bit pointless, but can be funny),  Claymore,  Elfen Lied, Crest of the Stars, Ghost in the Shell, Gunslinger Girl, Kite Liberator, Pumpkin Scissors, Scrapped Princess. Well damn thats alot.. sorry haha.

Razma Nov 1, 2008

haha, The thing is Orlando is about a 1-3 hour drive from where I live, so disneyworld isn't anywhere near here, instead theres a bunch of rich emo kids to annoy the shit out of everyone. :)