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Hey, I would love to chat with anyone who can give me new animes to watch.

About me: I have spurts of anime watching... when I find something really good. The last anime I really enjoyed, which was shocking to me, was Hana Yori Dango, Alice Acedemy, Ouran...slightly themed. I love anime with a strong female lead, I hate animes where the girl is ditzy and love struck, they annoy the crap outta me. Sooo if you can suggest anything I would like...Please tell me. I need inspiration!

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champy avatar champy


Nov 28, 2008

how bout skip beat? have u watched it already?

champy avatar champy


Nov 28, 2008


how are you liking fushigi yuugi soo far?

i hope u didn't only watched it untill ep.2

actually it's not that old.. the animation is still good..


watched it on this site..,

it's just the picture of this site that makes it look like an old anime but it's not..

champy avatar champy


Nov 27, 2008

.., sooo u'v aldready watched it..hehehehehe

try watching fushigi yuugi

hmm.. can u reccommend me romantic commedy?


takecare alwayz anime addict

champy avatar champy


Nov 26, 2008

inform me which one did u wached..,

champy avatar champy


Nov 26, 2008

SpEcial a is like ouran highschool club..

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