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Akane-Iro had the potential to be a 'cute' little series, and having watched the first 11 episodes in a sitting, I found it quite enjoyable. Unfortunately theres always a 'but'... That 'but' happens to be episode 11, the 'coming about' of the plot episode as it were. It was heavily disappointing to say the least and left me wanting the last 3 hours or so of my life back. I have no desire to watch the final episode now (already know what happens), and for anyone else wanting to watch this series, (that i do recommend up to a certain point by the way) I suggest watching up to episode 10 and stopping. At which point of course you are required to make up your own ending to this cute little story, which of course, could only be better then the actual ending. *HINT* Think along the lines of cute and fuzzy, not unreasonable incest and absolute nonsensical story writing (unnecessarily thrown into and thus ruining the series for no other apparent purpose other then to showcase the writers oddness). Otherwise though, enjoy!

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6/10 overall
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Ebhen Nov 5, 2011

I can't for my life understand WHY the producers choose to make all the rather stupid alterations to the story from the Manga and why on earth did they do this stupid and somewhat perverted ending rather than keep the nice ending from the manga???

mshinodayo Jul 12, 2010

They pushed this series off the cliff. The ending was a total surprise and i dont mean that in a pleasant way. .

zephyrre May 4, 2010

But wait, there’s more! Not only did the producers completely ruin the series by making him fall for his sister, but they didn't through with that; at the very end it is revealed that she is not his sister at all. I am glad to know I am not the only one who feels this way about this series.