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Breaker: New Waves

Mar 21, 2011

I really don't know what the author was thinking when he started this, but obviously whatever it was that he was thinking was bad.

This is the sequel to Breaker, a manga I very much like and was really hoping it would continue in the same maner, however my hopes were all but crushed by New Waves, the art style was changed and not for the best, sure it looks cleaner and arguably better quality but it also lost its identity, the first one had its own style and was different enough, this one on the other hand looks like just another generic manga and really that's what it is.

The characters are bad and very, very generic, the guy turned in to a total wimp/punching bag and the girl is just like any other generic manga girl lately, though chick that can fight and even though she doesn't admit it, she starts to love the protagonist because he's kind and even though weak he tries his best and all the other copy paste generic character crap.

The main character and his development are the main problem though, you had an entire first part in Breaker in which he slowly gained more power and actually reached a decent fighting level, but now he's back to punching bag rank and after 21 chapters he's still there, the only thing he has is an apparently abnormal regenerative ability and the fact that he's highly resilient to damage, which in turn only serves to make him a better punching bag.

The villains have again been taken from the "Generic book of villains" oo we're gonna use him to take control of the clan, ugh ... ye, no one's ever though of that before, right ... and the others that are trying to kill him aren't much better either.

The story is, well.. not present really, in 21 chapters that I've read at the time of this review, nothing much has happened, there's been no development, the story isn't moving forward and there's not much we know now that we didn't at the end of Breaker.

You probably noticed by now that I've used the word generic in this review a lot, that's because this entire manga is just that .. GENERIC, BLAND, it just took ideas from every other generic manga and put them together and I truly don't see why, it had a good prequel in the Breaker, it had a lot of promise and if it would have just continued with that and not decide to start over with a new direction it would have probably been just fine.

Like I said, this review is based on reading the first 21 chapters and I really do hope it will go back to what it used to be, however I just don't see it doing that at this point.

5/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
5.6/10 overall

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Tanen Jan 30, 2016


(years later and after reading the whole thing) I agree with both the reviewer and commenter took way too long to get anywhere interesting and the author seemed to milk every "interesting" (mind the quotation marks) thing dry. the thing they stress the most in the first season (master-disciple love and trust being stronger than that of a parent and child) was utterly and completely trashed here, with a deuteragonist (9AD) who doesn't appear for over a hundred chapters and when he does leaves you with a bitter and unsatisfying feeling

if i didn't love the first one so much i don't believe i would've stuck to this one till the end

Saxsen Sep 28, 2011

it is changing but the build up is incredably slow. if cant manage it then stop reading it is quite simple. dont like the way a manga is going then stop reading. thats what i have done.

DeathOnWheels Mar 26, 2011

Hahaha I coulden't have put it better myself. I do hope something changes and soon.