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Spicy Food, Conventions, 4Chan too?


So I guess this should be an 'about me' blog, as it is my first blog on this site. Yea not doing that. Wanna have the about me? Talk to me.

Right now, I'm eating some rice with hot sauce added to it. It's this chinese hot sauce, full of flavor and is a nice, slow burning heat. ANyone know what it is called? It has a rooster on it, so I just call it Cock Sauce. Giggedy. It's late for eating, I know, but oh well. Cooking is one of my passions, and making spicy food is one of my newly discovered passions. I don't have any spices to work with right now, so I made peanut butter pasta for dinner today with a side of grilled chicken. It was yummy!

Since I have your attnetion, I ought to let you know about my Summer goals. I'm trying to hit the gym more to get in shape, go outside more often so I don't look paler than Hellsing, and do well in my ASL classes this summer, all while working, making a cosplay for ColossalCon, and affording things like food and rent.

I made a friend on 4chan today. We're going to message each other about working out and eating healthy, so we are both motivated to keep at it! Should be fun, and should make me feel better about myself. My goal is to become strong like KOS-MOS(within my human limits), or some other strong anime woman, while looking cute and dainty in lolita dresses.

I think this is enough for today. Enjoy yourselves!


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