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Hi! It's really nice to meet you all. My name is.....NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!! But you can call me KAKAL. Anyway, I love anime, and I've been watching anime since I was 11 (even though I was a HUGE fan of Pokemon a year before). I would watch any anime, except if it's yaoi or something even more perverted, something I will not mention.... But I really like ecchi anime, so of course I wasn't talking about ecchi!


5 stars - Masterpiece.

4.5 stars - Great.

4 stars - Good to Very Good.

3.5 stars - Average to Above Average.

3 stars - Below Average.

2.5 stars - Bad.

2 stars - Very Bad.

1.5 stars - Terrible.

1 stars - Dreadful.

0.5 stars - An anime with only half a star doesn't exist.

As you know, I mostly give 4 stars. Well, there are a lot of enjoyable anime out there, and that's all there is to it. I'm not some kind of fangirl or something!

Anyway, so yeah. It was nice meeting ya.

P.S. Any anime that is on my "Won't Watch" list is either an anime I've heard of but will never watch or an anime I've heard of but haven't decided whether or not I'll watch it.

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duchessliz avatar duchessliz


Dec 1, 2013

if you're up for suggestions I think that you would really like:

Kaleido Star (it's such an awesome anime and I think it would really suit your taste. . .while technically not mahou shoujo. . .it gives you the same feeling. . .)

you may also enjoy:

Kamichama Karin (but you would have to push yourself through the first ep which isn't the best. . .it gets good from there on though. . .it's adorable! and funny! xD)

Zumbody avatar Zumbody

Great Recommendations!

Nov 17, 2013

You should totally check out 07 ghost and blue exorcist! They are great

chihinoke22 avatar chihinoke22

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 11, 2013

Thanks. I've been told I have good taste in books, movies and music too. Didn't expect anime to be part of the list, so I appreciate it.

WladekSlawek avatar WladekSlawek


Aug 11, 2013

Love your nickname

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