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What?! No manga ratings?

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VivisQueen says...

Hehe, don' worry about it. The reason I ask is because I'll be away for ten weeks during the summer, and I was wondering if you'd mind keeping an eye on it for me to ensure no rule breaking takes place. It's cool if you can't do it - I know you're quite busy with site stuff - but since you were admin, you'd know the score.

Jul 9, 2009
VivisQueen says...

By the way, Kets, you speak German fluently, right?

EDIT: Also, the captcha for this post reads 'raging 12-foot'. I feel violated right now...

Jul 9, 2009
ukato says...

oh ok.

Hmm... is there some kind of policy here on A-P about not encouraging direct piracy/downloading? Coz i dont use IRC (in fact, i dunno how, lol =)

Jul 7, 2009
ukato says...

Soz for triple posting:

I forgot to add to my previous comment: "Thanks for all the hard work from you, sothis-sama and the rest of the Anime-Planet-dan~!! XD V3 rules!!! (now if only you could get that theme song up and running ^^"

Jul 7, 2009
ukato says...

JUst out of interest, what does 僕はレッサーパンダです mean (in your bio). I cant be bothered trying to figure it out (and its much more complex than that other thing i translated just b4)


Jul 7, 2009