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School duties and short anime


There is the first of September and with it my school duties. Becouse of my new school year determination i am going to watch short series or just movies so i can be more concentrated about school.  Problem about watching not so long and not so popular anime is availibility. Im sure i dont have to enter into details how do i watch anime so im sure you all understand me.

I must say it is kind of relaxing when you dont have to watch 26+ episodes to know the end and i think i will like it. I just finished Tales of earthsea and i dont think i would even get to watch this.

When i mention Tales of Earthsea i think i should say something more about it. Plot is pretty simple and it can be found trought the animetags so lets move to the impressions... Animation was pretty good and i really enjoyed combination with sound. Therru sometimes sounded like some of fabdubs i found on the interned but great singing scene made it up for me. Only thing that was missing was at least little fight scene or something. I think it is worth 3 and half star but for fans with small amount of time and for fans of slow-spaced fantasy movies it pretty good.


Nemám moc času na zbyt a ani nemyslím že bych se mohl v češtine o moc víc rozepsat takže českou část vynechám...:)

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