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Spring 2010 part 1

10 JUL

I haven't been active for a while so i decided to write something about season that ended last week.

Angel beats - This show is classic example of regular average show that wen't horribly wrong because of time pressure. The beginning was meh but animation was well done and it wasn't really bad so i kept watching. The middle had great potential and few episodes were very good. BUT. Directors probably realized that they have three episodes till end and they have to end it. That was huge mistake but i don't know the background of the production so that is probably something they couldn't do anything about. So they went with end full of forced drama so the show is now not as good as i could have been. Well the show got 2.5/5 and studio P.A. Works got one motivational slap.

Arakawa under the bridge - Studio Shaft is one of my favorites and Arakawa was pretty much what i expected it to be. It was fun, interesting and entertaining in every way. The humor was similar to other shows from Shaft like Bakemonogatari or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Still it wasn't only anime slideshow. The animation was average but enjoyable. 4/5

Durarara!! - What show would you expect from writer of Baccano? Something amazing. Thats right. And Durarara is exactly what one would expect it to be. Not only characters that you would love and love to hate. Not only well made animation. Not only 'shitbrix' story that would blow your mind. But only everything connected is something that creates funny and interesting story. I really like the series and I hope it will get sequel. And not some fucked up good for nothing bullshit. Something equally awesome. Its great show and it deserves rank 24 on anime-planet. 5/5

House of Five Leaves -  What? Slow spaced show about feudal japan with distinctive animation? I'd live to. Thats exactly what Five leaves are about. Watching one episode every week was like moment of peace in time of hectic final exams. It has some slice of life characteristics and still in the end you realize it was kind of everything from each genre. From studio that made Samurai champloo and Ergo proxy is House of Five Leaves indeed one more great piece of work. 4.5/5

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou - 'What the fuck am i watching?' Thats exactly what was going in my mind at the end of the series. Im ashamed that studio that created this is same as studio that created Mushishi. Im OK with few pantyshots, some boobs-falling-on-the-face scenes and stuff but this was bad. Like really. Only thing that i liked about the series is God as a machine concept. And they made it with open end like they hope it will be successful and they will make next season. My goddess... 2.5/5 for decent animation and Color Wars. 


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