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Escaflowne says...

take a look at my top5 ;) i must see monster.

Jan 7, 2008
ToiletsAfterHer says...

lalala nipples

wait...NO..i came here to laugh at your picture

like everyone else...but no laughs could come out?

*chokes on silly i'm a zombie lalala* haha

hmmm :) 

Nov 25, 2007
Nanashi says...

*looks at the comment below and snickers*

Obviously you don't know Kensai all that well :P 

Nov 23, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Hey!  I saw that you used to post in the forums, did you know with the new customized siganture feature that you can link you profile and it would be a lot easier for people to get to know you better!

Nov 8, 2007
Tasuki says...

eehhh where did the big pervy kensai go?

its just not the same anymore -_-

Oct 25, 2007