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A 17-year old apathetic sadist, bro-con and otaku with a messed-up personality who happens to be a girl.

I'm also an amatuer artist and writer. That is to say, I call myself that but I suck compared to professionals and people who are very serious about it. They're just hobbies of mine~

 ~Thought of the Moment~

Sakura Trick is really getting up there in my top "Guilty Pleasures" anime list. Why. Is. It. So. Frickin'. Cute. ._. Gah! In other news, the Winter season is looking fairly strong compared to last year, which is good. Noragami and Hamatora are the strongest (in my opinion) though.

My Top 10 Anime:

1. Gintama

2. The Monogatari Series

3. Kara no Kyoukai

4. Angel Beats!

5. Katanagatari

6. Tari Tari

7. Fate/Zero

8. Steins;Gate

9. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II

10. Non Non Biyori

My Top 10 Manga:

1. Youko (Inu) x Boku SS

2. Rurouni Kenshin

3. Denpa Kyoushi

4. Dear

5. Hayate the Combat Butler

6. Pandora Hearts

7. Shingetsutan Tsukihime

8. Mahou Sensei Negima!

9. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

10. Super Dreadnought Girl 4946

Comedy is my favorite genre by far because, despite my love for despair, I like to laugh and just enjoy life as much as I can and comedy is what gives me that feeling the most. This is a big reason as to why most of my favorites are dominated by anime/manga that take a more humorous approach to their story, characters and presentation. While I fullheartedly admit that Fate/Zero is 10x better than Gintama production and execution-wise, Gintama became "attached" to me on a emotional level because of all the wacky gags and bright moments it had. That's just how it is for me. 

Basically, favorites do NOT equal the best anime ever, rather just how personally attached I feel towards a show and how much I genuinely enjoyed it. Just a bit of exposition in case you're wondering why some brilliant anime/manga may not be within my top 10. ^^

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Oklahoma, USA

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Dario97 avatar Dario97


Aug 8, 2012

No problem :D Hurray for Gintama fans (*^*) Zura ja nai, Katsura da ! xD I see, that you also like Bakemonogatari ^___^ It's great anime :>

Dario97 avatar Dario97


Aug 8, 2012

Welcome to A-P :D Enjoy your stay here :> Nice, you like Gintama ^___^

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