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Skylos Jan 10, 2013

Your sarcasm... it hurts! ;_;

AHHHHA????!!!! What!? Have you lived under a rock for the past few years? T_T They're like... really famous O.O

Once again, your sarcasm... it hurts! xD And I'm a fun girl! I mean, I go out and do stuff... like... watching people walk by and shit...

... You haven't watched the Legendary Monogatari series? O.O 

You should watch it, now. That's an order.

I do it online. I log into a really secure, government approved school website, then read whatever lesson I need to read and answer whatever question it asks. I get help from teachers through messages... most of em' aren't THAT helpful, though.

Skylos Jan 9, 2013


Not man enough to watch an anime about tea and cakes, eh?!!! You chicken?

Favorite "modern" authors are Brandon Mull, Christopher Paolini, and Rick Riordan. My all time favorite, though, is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. His work on "The Little Prince" got me ;_;

Lemme see... It's like the letters have copy of themselves and float off the page while their "original" copy stays... I guess that's a good description. But then again, some of the letters don't have original copies that stay on the page...

Maybe. But after braving through the Monogatari series, I think I can handle it. But like I said, the dyslexia isn't THAT severe anymore xD

Skylos Jan 8, 2013



K-On! Is THE Moefest. It's the epitome of moe. I have yet to see anything better than the amount of moe in that anime... HNGGGGGGGG

Ah. Pardon my slightly rude comment, then! Yes, anime is a "major" thing here. We have two channels on cable that is dedicated specifically to anime. There are conventions, shops, and groups that are devoted solely for anime!

Yeah, 'twas pretty hard. You wouldn't believe I was dyslexic now, considering the amount of books I own xD 

Text moving around is pretty common. It's like they float all over the page but at the same time they don't... God, that explanation was terrible T_T

I meant that I pause an anime a lot but not necessarily like every sentence. Just when people are in fight scenes and stuff---where I can't focus. Then I replay the scene to see if I got it right :D

Skylos Jan 7, 2013

Forgot to add! I also need to pause an anime episode a lot. Not much, but a lot. Sometimes, when they use these really fancy fonts, it kills me xD

But it helps, actually. Because then, I'll be more familiar with it :D

Skylos Jan 7, 2013


But nightmares are dreams too!!!

...You're one of those people who like to live under rocks xD

Hm... There's only one person who exceeds Inaba on my book---Mio Akiyama. For crying out loud, QUEEN OF MOEEEE!!!!!

Jeez, you didn't bother to google it? It's in the Philippines :D

Being dyslexic, I need to pay more attention to things. I try to exercise control over it by reading---reading a lot. It helps that I'm homeschooled because all I do is read---and by extension, I'm much more familiar with words. Because I'm seeing different font types and stuff, the shapes of letters are much easier for me to understand.

Before I began to get serious with reading, it was awful: I always mispelled stuff, when I try to read words on billboards, I get confused. Captchas needed to be filled out by my brother before.

Nowadays, it's much milder. Though sometimes it still acts up, letters float from a page, and I can't understand it. But it's only when I'm not really focused on something, or I'm distracted.