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Skylos Jan 17, 2013

Hm. But no matter how much you'll like the result, it ain't gonna happen, buddy >:3

... I just have this irrational hatred of chihuahuas. That is all.

I usually take green tea instead of eating anything. My stomach feels like a circus if I DO eat something after waking up.

Not yet. It's 15 episodes in.

Agreed. Pie is better. But, you know, cake is essential during tea time SO... 

T_T Shinobu COMMANDS you to watch Bakemonogatari... but I heard Disgaea is awesome xD

Skylos Jan 16, 2013

I said you wouldn't like the result. I know you're interested, but you wouldn't like it. SO! I wouldn't do it :D

I do not. It's a matter of preference. I like furry, cute dogs. You like those almost-malnutritioned, bat eye looking ones.

O.O 12 pm as breakfast?

You SHOULD give it another try. The story is pretty solid and almost 100% original. 


(But to be honest, I hate eating cake. Brownies are better.)

Fine. Go do your friend's birthday thingy. THEN you watch Bakemono :D

Skylos Jan 15, 2013

It's not like you can just change a feeling willy-nilly, you have to do that gradually. T_T

And you probably wouldn't like the result anyway xD


I'd consider 11 am to be more of a lunch hour than anything else.

I'm currently loving Shin Sekai Yori. Very nice anime. I tend to separate what I consider my favorite anime and my favorite "moe" anime. Favorite moe anime is K-On, if that wasn't obvious enough xD

... You should put watching Bakemonogatari above everything else.

Skylos Jan 15, 2013

You're talking to a girl... you don't want to know.

Ah well, as long as they're fluffy. And cute. Unlike chihuahuas. 


I don't think 11 pm can be considered breakfast anymore xD

Oh? What's your first? Also, did you watch Bakemonogatari yet? >:3

Skylos Jan 14, 2013


Yes. Please stop. Else my feelings be hurt to the point of no return.

OH OH?! What breed are they?!

Everyone is lazy to get out of bed. No matter how old you are.

And I can relate to not wanting to eat breakfast. I haven't eaten breakfast in 3 years xD

I haven't watched the whole series yet, but I'm planning to. Specifically for that scene :D