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Skylos Jan 24, 2013

Well, whatever. The phrase still lacks logic :P

That's why I'll take it as a compliment xD

You should search on Youtube. Suprisingly, there are a lot of videos by Filipinos there. 


SORRY. Because I was doing math homework while typing that out. You know, area of a triangle and the like. Pythagorean theorem, lah lah lah. I meant hyphen T_T

I think I forgot.

Yes, I'm really sad for you. /sarcasm?

OH??!! YOU DON'T HAVE A FACEBOOK?! Respect, man. You deserve it. I personally have one, but I don't really use it. Like, log-in once a month just for the heck of it xD

April, eh? I'll make sure to wish you a happy birthday. 

*clap clap* ... oh? So I don't really have to clap at that pathetic, pathetic pun? Alright. Suit yourself. I'm kinda relieved, though.

Uh... I dunno how to respond to that. As long as you're happy, it doesn't really matter, right? ... right?

YES. I AM THE REASON FOR THEIR MISERY!!! MUHAHAHAHA. But, they planned on marrying anyway. Besides, I have two younger brothers, so it can't be that they didn't like each other or were forced or anything xD

Skylos Jan 24, 2013

I didn't really go to kindergaten so...

I'll take that as a compliment xD

Because Minene sounds really funny if you say it with a Filipino accent :D

I meant that I don't care if it's called breakfast or dinner. Keep your turtle poop to yourself T_T

Good. It's not the central theme anyway. I like calling it that since I'm too lazy to type out the hypoteneuse... nah. That's the term I got acquainted with, so that's what I'll use. 

Forget what?

You poor, poor sap.

Well then! Do what most of the population (not counting me, though) does! Post a happy birthday on facebook and look like a poor cad! :D

Birthday's on March 5th. You?

Some people have that sense of smell, you know. Scientific fact.

WELL THEN! Still, they got married, so you're technically (though I'm not sure) NOT a bastard anymore. 

Speaking of which, my parents had to marry each other because my mom was pregnant. SO! I'm the reason for their misery! (KIDDING, KIDDING!)

Skylos Jan 23, 2013

... I don't get the logic of that saying O.O

Yes. But it was because he died that I started to watch Youtube videos of his infomercials.

AWWW. Not a big fan of Yuno, eh? How about Yanderes in particular? You like em'? Also, the eyepatch chick's name is Minene... I can't forget that name, even if I try.

It's fitting actually, he being a Pharoah and all that.

... You know what? I don't care anymore. As long as I can eat something, I don't care what time or what the heck it's called xD

BUT IT WAS AWESOME T_T I agree with you though, watch it all in one gulp. But I gotta warn you... if you're too squeamish about even the mildest amount of Yuri or Yaoi, turn back... now.

Haha. Forgetful much?

You... you lost a lot of anime? And games?? God, that really sucks. I feel bad for you. Why not treat your friend out instead?

All girls/sisters/mothers/aunts (and some grandmas) are like that. We "don't have money"...

O.O You... you are? I-I'm sorry man, it's not like I knew or anything...

Skylos Jan 21, 2013

Yes. YOU are the one who's mean! 

Oh yeah! I remember that guy! HAHA. I think I've watched every infomercial he's ever been on xD

Hmm.  I suppose it's okay to be neutral with Yuno. Better than hating her. The consequences are dire.

HELL YEAH. I think that Yugi furthered the "spiky" hairstyle in anime. Him and Goku.

I... My head hurts. I suppose even if you eat "dinner food" for breakfast, it's still called breakfast because of the time. Same goes for the others.. I think O.O

WAIT! Which anime? Shin Sekai? DUDE. IT WAS AMAZING O.O

No, it's not bad. Shinobu will forever be the ONLY vampire loli in my mind. And yeah, I tend to forget character's names too... but I can't help but feel bad about it xD

*ehem... Too much pr0n?

I HAVE NO MOOOONEEEEEEYYYY!!! I would if I could, you know.

Both a PSP and a Vita? Lucky, lucky bastard :P

No problemos!

Skylos Jan 18, 2013

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Then again, I'm mean because I don't wanna get my feelings hurt... so by extension, YOU'RE the one who's mean xP

SEE?! Everyone has preferences. BUT WAIT! Does that mean you don't like Yuno from Mirai Nikki? Whenever I see pink, I think of Yuno xD

Also, I'm not a big fan of anime characters with unusual hair colors either. I dunno why.

But then, it's not breakfast anymore. More like lunch or something.

Hm. That's a pretty good decision. Shin Sekai Yori may come confusing at first so watching the episodes in one gulp might be a good thing.

Cake and milk... I agree with that statement. No further arguement there.

Shinobu is this vampire loli chick there xD

Your laptop broke? THAT SUUUUCCCCKKKSSS. T_T

That's just it. I heard it was amazing, but I've never played it before. I don't even have a PS3 xD

Also, YOU HAVE A VITA? Heesh. PSP for me xD