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NicoNicoDesu Feb 3, 2013

All right. I finally have the chance to respond to your comment.

Let's blow this joint. *Cracks knuckles.*

HORROR: I can tell from your profile that you play a lot of games, so let me make this known about myself: I do not play visual novels. I have heard numerous people say that the anime version of "Umineko" is awful when compared to the visual novels. Call me biased, but my opinion comes from only the anime. (Well, and the very beginning of the manga.)

EPISODIC: Do I hate the entire slice of life genre? ... Pretty much. I find slice of life to be boring. (I'll admit that I much prefer slice of life manga to anime, but I'm still not a huge fan.)

COMEDY: I have neither seen nor read everything you have included, mostly because comedy is not my favorite genre. But if you want to play ball, then I'll throw some "Azumanga Daioh" at you.

CHARACTERS: I'm not like, "MURDER MAKOTO YOU EFFING DIRECTOR BURN HIS EFFING BODY IN SOME EFFING FIRE NOW NOWNOWNOW!" Do I LIKE most of the characters of "School Days?" Not really. Did I enjoy seeing what happened to them? Yes. Do I think that Makoto and Sekai are the worst characters in an anime ever? Not at all. There are so many characters worse than them. Plus, I hate pretty much everyone in "NGE," compared to the fact that I liked some characters in "School Days." (Kotonoha and Sekai's best friend, before the final few episodes played off on her character.)

MECHA: I've been wanting to watch three of the anime you included in your list, but I've heard too much hate about "Infinite Stratos" to truly want to watch the anime.

ECCHI: I personally do not think this, but I have read two convincing arguments: 1. The diclonii wear no clothing because they can use anything as weapons, including loose clothes; and 2. The lack of clothing is a metaphor for how humans treat the diclonii as animals and not humans.

I hope this further explains my bio.

Skylos Jan 31, 2013

You have a twisted sense of "cuddly" O.O


Good. Lie down, and forget about everything. Just... lie down :D

Uhh... True. But upon introduction of farmville and ads, it became stupider!!! 

EH?! It's different for me, watched the anime first. God, I loved waking up at 10 am just to watch it :D

Those childish games were awesome, though. Especially Guitaroo Man, the soundtrack... absolutely awesome.

Katawa Shoujo is awesome. I mean, every arc is so well thought-out. Masterpiece, desu!xD

Why say no to Clannad? T_T

Never played Little Busters. But! I heard it was good. And that fans are willing to murder J.C. Staff if they mess up the anime.

I stalled Fate, because I'm in the process of finishing the Shizune route in Katawa.

 I mixed up names and events that happened in both games. It cost me one heroine route too. Bad ending. Had to back up 4 hours worth of decision making xD

Skylos Jan 28, 2013

DUDE. How the heck can snakes be freaking cuddly? I mean, they're not slimy or anything, but DEFINITELY not cuddly. And those eyes. Those horrible, expressionless eyes... *shudder

That's not the point. A turtle's poop is small. How can you hug something so small and nasty? :P

Ahh. That is the problem, isn't it? Why DO they forget?

Yes I do. But then I don't go on it anymore. Because it became mainstream. And stupid.

It's like, teenaged years are the perfect time to get *really* exposed to anime. Childish games like Megaman Powered Up, Guitaroo Man, those kinda stuff.

Yeah, I do. I don't buy em', too expensive. I'm already broke as it is. 

Depends on what you look for in a visual game. I'll suggest Katawa Shoujo, it's the first I've ever played and I loved it. It's free to torrent. It also comes with H-scene skips, so that's a good thing if you've got someone around. If you like that, then such things like Little Busters might be suited for you too. Fate/Stay Night's VN is really nice, much better than the anime (and some Yuri goodness there as well...). Never played Clannad and Tomoyo After, but I heard it was good---actually, downloading it now.

Also, the biggest mistake I ever make when playing a VN is playing TWO VN's simultaneously. Confuses the heck out of me.

I am quite happy with that sentiment.

Skylos Jan 28, 2013

God. I absolutely hate snakes.

Alright xD


Because, sometimes, people deliberately forget things ;)

Social networking sites are too mainstream for my taste. *hipster glasses on*

OH! I'm sorry xD Not really into console games. I used to be, but then I took an anime to the head. And even then, I've only really played childish PSP games. 

I'm watching it right now. I gotta say, I'm REALLY loving it. I can really relate to how  Sena plays visual novels---cuz that's exactly what I do, I get too attached to VN characters easily :D

I wish there are more people like you with that sense of humor. If I tell a joke like that (and sometimes, I REALLY want to), I'll get "reprimanded" T_T

Skylos Jan 25, 2013

I-- I can't argue with that, actually. 

Because turtles.

Uhhh. I think so. Yeah. Search that! :D


Yeah, i'm actually surprised that you knew that word... I'm impressed...

I forgot what I had forgotten.

That's what technically happened to me. After a few months, I didn't really see the appeal, so I don't go on it as much anymore. Props to your friend for the Pokemon analogy. xD

I know who he is, never watched Persona, though. Am planning to---right after Boku wa Tomodachi. OR after Spice and Wolf. Gonna be a bitch keeping up with my studies after that line-up.

HAHAHAHA. I probably shouldn't laugh at that, but I did anyway. HUZZAH!