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I am a college junior who studied Japanese, and watched enough アニメ (Anime) to the point that I am able to understand it well enough without subtitles. I recently completed an internship at a tech firm in Japan and have started reading manga as well as Japanese novels as a result of my improvement in Japanese. I started watching Anime while I was learning Japanese, and now, I use Anime as another form of media to keep myself entertained. I am nothing more than another anime viewer, and I use this website to mostly keep track of the anime that I have already watched. I don't log in too often, so if I leave a comment, chances are that it is the only comment I have left in months.

My Only Blog Post (Nov 12, 2011)

Well, I suppose I should write something down, so here goes nothing... I tend to have a liking for philosophical and psychological anime, as well as science fiction. However, that is mostly because these themes are rather common in most high quality anime. In truth, the patterns in the Anime that I watch is mostly consisting of many decent shows punctuated with crap Anime so that I can keep a sort of quality control over my tastes. I often study literature and plan on writing a novel, so I'd like to make sure that when I actually write a book, that I don't mess up, or make many of the simple mistakes that I often observe in the plethora of Anime that are out there. Personally, I try to keep my standards high, so that when an incredibly high quality anime comes along, I will be able to truly feel impressed. The euphoria that comes along with astonishment is irreplaceable, and I find value in such euphoria. Well... that's it. I'm done writing. If anyone reads this, feel free to comment on your personal thoughts on Anime in general, or just comment on the contents of this blog.

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