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When I first started watching this anime, I though it would be just another "Slice of Life" style, a syle I haven't enjoyed before unless there was some magic or good romance involved. There is no hard-core romance or casting spells in AnoHana, but there is a supernatural factor. After watching the first few episodes, I couldn't stop watching until the end. Some moments made me cry, some made me smile, but overall it produced a lasting image. This is what I think of the main plot:

Years ago, six friends played together. Like any other group of friends, there were crushes and rivalries and one person to hold them together. However, after Menma's disapearance, the other five drifted apart. Now, Menma has apeared again and asks Jintan, now a shut in, to grant one wish. Unfortionately, she doesn't remember what that one wish is, but at least she does know that it will involve all of their old friends. Jintan, the self-proclaimed leader, Menma, the only one who hasn't changed, Anaru, jealous of Menma, Yukiatsu, who was secretly in love with Menma, Tsuruko, who stays by Yukiatsu, and Poppo, who has always admired Jintan.

The rollercoaster of sad moments and revelations is sure to keep you engaged in the anime. Hope you watch it :3

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Xanza Feb 11, 2012

I watched this show because of your recomendation. I coulden't be happier. I've watched my dog of 19 years die from cancer, who was more of a brother to me than my own two flesh and blood brothers. I cried like a little tweenie girl at the end of this Anime.