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Hmm... I've never been good at explaining things (especially about myself) but I'll give this a try... I think it was in 6th grade that I found this thing called "anime" thanks to a close friend of mine (and Winx Club :3). Ever since, I've changed from the outdoorsy person I used to be and became someone who would be on the computer for hours on end, watching episode after episode of anime.

I've always loved technology, probably because my dad works with computers, and I've played video games ever since I can remember (there are some funny pictures of that :3). Anywho, after discovering anime and watching many, many episodes, I found manga and started reading that. Admittedly, I had a hard time with the reading style at first but now, it seems more natural to me than reading a book and the storylines and characters are amazing.

In 8th grade (about 3 years ago) I finally gave in to the bugging from my close friends (also anime fans) who kept telling me to play these "Tales" games. I borrowed "Tales of Vesperia" (Xbox 360 game) from my friend and tried to play it. Unfortionately, our 360 had been having problems so I had to return it while we got the 360 fixed. However, I had read through the booklet and Vesperia started to interest me. Eventually, after we got the 360 fixed, I saw Vesperia at a GameStop and decided to buy it. I was curious what this game that my friends talked so highly about was like so I got it and tried it at home.

I was expecting a typical storyline and typical characters but what I found amazed me. The main character, Yuri Lowell, was a 21 year old guy who grew up on the streets of the capital in a place simply called "The Empire". He had been part of the knights for 3 "short" months about 2 years before the start of the game but now acted as the protector of the "Lower Quarter" where he lived. His day to day life consisted of... throwing the knights collecting taxes into the river, getting thrown in jail, ect.

That kind of character intruiged me so I continued playing (getting help from my friends at placed I kept dying :3) and eventually I always wanted to continue playing (annoying my dad since I kept taking his TV to play :3) and discovered the large scale that the storyline expanded to. Instead of a typical story that simply has an objective that you complete at the end after beating the "Final Boss", "Tales of Vesperia" had 3 "Final" Bosses and each time the importance was increased from simply saving the Lower Quarter from a water crisis to saving all people on earth from being used as energy to destroy a "Giant Space Octopus" as my friend and I call it.

"Twisted" is probably the best way to explain the storyline and I've searched for similar storylines in anime, manga, games, and books. I've found a few but Vesperia will always remain in my heart as my first "Tales" game. Anywho, enough background on me :3 (I know its alot X_X)

Always entertaining to see :3 From left to right: Rita Mordio, Repede(dog), Estellise(Estelle) Sidos Heurassein, Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scifo (in thought bubble), Judith, Raven, and Karol Capel (Little boy who has to wear a girl's outfit :3)

Favorite Pairings :3 (not in order):

Jude X Milla (Tales of Xillia)

1girl :o alvin_(tales_of_xillia) black_gloves brown_eyes brown_hair character_name coat cravat detached_collar gloves green_eyes hairband heart heart_background itsuki_(platinum1228) leia_roland pink_background short_hair tales_of_(series) tales_of_xillia translation_request
Alvin X Leia (ToX)

1girl aqua_hair armor black_hair boots gaias gradient_hair green_eyes green_hair hair_ornament hairpin long_hair multicolored_hair muse_(tales_of_xillia) pointy_ears red_eyes spoilers surcoat sword tales_of_(series) tales_of_xillia title_drop very_long_hair weapon wonagi
Gaius X Musee (ToX)

alternate_costume animal_ears apron black_legwear blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_hair cat_ears choker dress drink flynn_scifo food glass green_eyes ice_cream k-mame necktie pants rita_mordio short_hair speech_bubble spoken_star star tales_of_(series) tales_of_vesperia thigh-highs thighhighs tray waiter waitress
Flynn X Rita (Tales of Vesperia)

1girl alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle black_eyes black_hair blue_dress blush carrying dress estellise_sidos_heurassein green_eyes highres kenta_(4015819) long_hair pink_hair ponytail princess_carry short_hair smile tales_of_(series) tales_of_vesperia title_drop yuri_lowell
Yuri X Estelle (ToV)

1girl armor blue_hair elf judith midriff mistrail oekaki pointy_ears raven tales_of_(series) tales_of_vesperia thumbs_up white_background
Raven X Judith (ToV)

black_hair blue_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair closed_eyes couple double_bun dress elbow_gloves fingerless_gloves flower gloves gundam gundam_00 holding_hands interlocked_fingers jacket kazu_sanbon long_hair marina_ismail open_mouth ponytail red_eyes setsuna_f_seiei short_hair smile uniform
Setsuna X Marina (Gundam 00)

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sothis Aug 19, 2012

thanks again for the invite yesterday ^_^

Bluntjoker Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

JapanFreak Dec 19, 2011

i hope ill rimember Tales of Xillia when i get a PS3 cuz now i have PS2 only....

JapanFreak Dec 18, 2011

did you liked code geass? is one of my favorites

oh and is your avatar form some anime? cuz is cute

sothis Dec 14, 2011

Heyo, i'm the one that works on your dad's team :)

I'll look through your list and come up with some recommendations (in addition to the ones users have made on each anime's page). Will try to think of some good mecha/mahou shoujo ones!