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My name is Kayano20 a person who

wants to gain much skill in manga/anime.

I live in a town you may not understand.

For that which you may not comprehend.

\"\\"\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\"\\\\"\\"\"But anywho lets talk about me lol!!^___*

I"m between moving and life like some people

that don't know what do do in these circumstances.

Anime is what seems to keep me going among other

things like my friends here on the net that I haven't talked

to recently which may I say forgive me for being on less online!!>___<

I hope to make more friends and enjoy this site recomended to me!!^___^



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Toastman Jun 14, 2008

hey, long time no see.how is it going?

wolfangel87 Dec 20, 2007

Just wanted to say hi!  Your:

I live in a town you may not understand.

For that which you may not comprehend.

Sounds like it is from Eon flux i think it was, totally cool!  Good job! 

Whtfeather Sep 11, 2007

Hello, nice to meet you.  I feel the same way about the Anime.  It's a real nice escape from reality at times ennit?  

ingrey Sep 11, 2007

Hey, thanks for the comment. When I said I felt a little hollow, it wasn't when watching anime, but only when playing a certain genre of online game, which I've since quit.

I love watching anime, heh it's kind of crazy how much I go through each week. I'm always downloading new series to try out.

Well, I have my life together insofar as I have a few things I intend to do, and I'm ok on material resources. But I wouldn't say my life is particularly meaningful or significant, I just kind of wander along taking what pleasures I can. So I can empathize with you on that point, it can be tough sometimes.

eQkox Aug 16, 2007

Heh, glad you enjoyed my profile. Happy to see some else has kept their sanity thanks to anime ^^ Hope you enjoy your time here!