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Megacon 2012

23 FEB

My second year going to Megacon and it was awesome! Unlike last year, I went all 3 days and not just 1. I bought sooo much merch, and this year I even bought a lot from the kpop section :D Last year I wasn't into Kpop, but ever since Megacon ended last year I've been getting into it! I like so many different groups! :) I went with my friend Kathleen again this year. Our names are the same, it was really cool when I met this girl in one of my classes. We had went to the same high school, but I never met her. We both cosplayed. Oh, and another one of my friend's decided to go this year. She went just on Saturday. That was the busiest day EVER!I don't think she liked it too much. She doesn't watch anime, but she just got into video games. She just wanted to go for the experience :) I'm happy she went, but it was a little busy that day, and way too crowded!

Well I'll prob stop and update this post later about all 3 days :D

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