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Hi hi there!So, I'm going super random here, 'kay? Stop reading if I'm too boring.. Or you could punch me in the face with a dead gubbi.

I'm Kitti, and that sucks. I'm 15 years old, which pretty much sucks. I live in Denmark, in Randers, and guess what; that sucks. I'm a highschool student and that totally sucks. I've got no job and no money and really - that sucks bigtime!

Wanna know something great for a change? Well, I'm a huge animefan despite my very... Gawd, I haven't really watched that many animes. But I've only been into it for a year or so, so it's totally acceptable!

Shit, I actually happend to bore myself and since I'm very selfcentered, I'm gunna stop right now. See ya arround guys!

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