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What?! No manga ratings?

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FireFlower Mar 4, 2009

ちぇるちゃん Chieruchiyan?

Well okay I got it Cheru-chan ? ;) I still need more training but I bet you have studied japanese a lot more than me because I just recently started study it.

I bet you like animals? Especially cats (try guess why I'm assuming this =D) Well I don't know do I really like so much animals, but animals seem to like me a lot. My sister has two cats and especially Aatu is hard to approach. Well Aatu often comes to sleep on my lap when I'm watching TV but he won't do that with anyone else.

Weird I think.


FireFlower Mar 4, 2009

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

Register to forums also If you haven't done so already!


Hehe I can't use here copy paste message can't I? Your profile is almost completely finished so that wouldn't be fair.


I think BBCode works here so you can put your finished dramas in between [ list ] [ /list ] tags.

Well because I have written this in many other profiles too so lets write it here too ;)

You're kawaii! Because you have watched 1 month worth of anime already! When you have 2 months watched then you will be otaku officially in here.

Feel free to ask any questions from me if you have problems or wondering something here.