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FireFlower says...

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Dec 24, 2009
tenrousei says...

You're walking down the street in a moonless night. You hadn't noticed it was so late when you decided to go out. You turn a corner and think you see a shadow moving behind you, but you turn around and there's no one there. A strange sensation takes control of you, like someone's watching your every move. You start walking faster and faster, and suddenly you here a big noise, like someone just crashed into a car. You look back and see someone lying on the ground behind a parked car. The person gets up slowly and says: "Oh sorry, it's my first stalk, i still gotta work on some things"

May 20, 2009
arc666 says...

''Meh, a slight bit overly sadistic I think for a stalk. Now relax, relax and let the music calm you tortured soul'' *As these words are said don't worry, be happy begins playing*

''Now then, are you relaxed?''


''Okay, so... i'm gonna be here all day. That's right a whole day of Bobby McFerrin and being watched, don't you feel special?''

May 20, 2009
rossion says...

so you want us to be nice ehh hahahaha well no luck their i think as you have been placed on the list of the stalker club i am the first stalker rossion shall we act something out hmmm AH I KNOW I'LL RIP OUT YOU INSIDES AND USE THEM AS TOOLS FOR HURTING YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHA(the voice fades and you get scared)

May 15, 2009
FireFlower says...

Hopefully we get my friends list & bar back here soon. So I can come say a few words more easily :)

Well anyway I was wondering do you play Go?

May 15, 2009