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I'm KateĊ™ina, little czech girl - 15 yrs old. My life was completly changed by animé two and half years ago. I'm student of one international school. Unfortunately, I'm attending it first year so please don't make fun of my english.


Facebook: ask me ;)



I like almost all genres, it depens on animé and my current mood, not on genre. This month (December '08) I'm watching animés, which I discovered on Akicon '08 and Code Geass (yes, I love unreal bishonens like Lelouch)..

Favorites: FLCL, Miyazaki, Bleach, NGE, Nodame Cantabile, Ouran High School Host Club, Haibane Renmei, Full Metal Panic...



Even Katjinka watches something different than animé! I prefer unusual films, which hidden something magical (e.g. Kamikaze girls, Amelie from Mormartre)..Kubrick, Lynch.. What I love the most are surrealistic films like Funky Forest or Gozu..



Russian classical literature, George Orwell (I read Animal farm and 1984 for more than 5 times - 2x in czech, 3x in english), Strugackijs (in czech, my russian is getting worse and worse), Twilight series (another nice unreal boy xD), books about vampires.. etc. etc..



North european metal, classical music (especially romantism - Chopin), Sepultura, Slayer (I love these two bands), oriental music (turkish,egyptian for my dance or asian for good atmosphere in my asian decorated room), japanese music (OSTs, j-rock), OSTs...

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urzu7 says...

wery nice profile

Jan 14, 2009
Saqqara says...

Hi!  Yep I read the manga too, the hiatus on Nodame is killing me but I suppose she's allowed to go have her baby in peace ;)

Jan 8, 2009
thirdimpact says...

Yea, i own over 500 legit anime dvds. I'm a bit of a collector lol. The Battle Royale manga explains a lot of stuff that wasnt in the movie. It's still not as good as the book (too much unneccessary nudity/sex in the manga =/). I just find id rather watch a series than read it =P

9 hours of studying? Ouch =( And trust me your english is better than my non-existant czech, lol.


Dec 28, 2008
thirdimpact says...

Aww thank you. Love your avatar... Tea = <3. I've been watching anime for quite a few years =P It's a very bad (or expensive) addiction to have. I just never really got into manga... the only full manga series i've read were Saikano and Battle Royale =/

Dec 28, 2008
Dammtuss says...

Well, I think it's somewhat easier to get a hold of manga or anime here in sweden, but only if you live in one of the larger cities.In my hometown there is one bookstore that only sells "geeky" stuff, so there is a whole department for anime/manga.

And there is alot of young people wearing lolita or cosplay in my school. It's great :)

But, still just like you said, alot of people think that anime means porn :PThere are some convetions here as well, though only one that's really big.

I've never been, but next year I'm going. *Looking forward to*

Dec 28, 2008