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Apr 6, 2013

Since I did a review earlier in the day, I thought I might do one for one of my favorite animes of all times. Kuroshitsuji or better known as Black Butler. I have to thank my friend Nyssa who practically nagged me into it.

Kuroshitsuji is basically about a 12 year old earl named Ciel Phantomhive and his butler who is later on named Sebastion Michaelis, after Ciel’s dog. He works in the “underground” society of Britain and is known notoriously known as “The queen’s Watchdog”, although he doesn’t seem to mind. Sometimes even going as far as saying it to provoke fear inside the enemies. His family was killed in a fire and he was sold and branded as the “noble beast”. During this time, he had signed a contract with a demon he unknowingly summoned and ordered him to kill all the others. In exchange for  his soul, he will show the people who did this to him the same humiliation they had done to him.


The plot of this anime was beautiful and THICK. It had a lot of depth, and was so cerebral. This is an anime that makes you think and touches dark and deep issues. You would also have to pay attention to the plot twists. One would suspect something would happen this way and then twist into a totally different thing. For me, the best thing an anime could have is plot twists that kept you on your toes. Another thing I loved was how well they displayed the London setting so well.  They definitely used its history to the max. They even kept things like, the “Jack the Ripper” case as well as including variations of “London Bridge”. The setting practically made the anime. Take this anime in a different time period and different setting and it would have failed. The bad things are that they still left some things unanswered at the end. It might slide for others, but I prefer to have  ALL questions answered.

Art and Animation:

Regarding this aspect, it has only one word. BEAUTIFUL. All the scenes flow so smooth and fluid. From happy times, to tear-jerking moments, to gory fights and death scenes. Another critical thing I noticed is that the lighting was a major benefactor in the anime. Light-hearted moments or during a character antics were usually vibrant, bright or happy. If the scenes were dark, reds and shadows were used. The colors conveyed much of the atmosphere. Along with lighting, the foods and clothes were absolutely stunning. They were very detailed and extravagant, which matched the Victorian-Era well. Although, Ciel was scantily dressed for a boy, he was adorable. But you had to admit, it was like him asking to be molested.


The OP and ED were also well done. Musically and animated-wise. The ending song was cute, showing us a chibi version of Sebastion’s day. The second ending, “Lacrimosa” by Kalafina was absolutely amazing and I just fell in love with it. It definitely fit well with the ominous theme of Kuroshitsuji. Not just the songs but the BGMs as well. Each piece of music adds up to the the atmosphere, leaving you breathless. Beside the musical scores, the voices of the character was so fitting. One thing I absolutely loved was Sebastion’s low and haunting voice. Especially when he says his infamous lines, “Yes, my lord.” and “I am simply, one hell of a butler.” I think I lost alot of blood from the nosebeeds to the point where I had anemia.


The characters were all so wonderful and portrayed a lot of depth. Even the servants had a backstory that suited the eerie theme. Honestly, I wish they had made some more fillers on the Phantomhive servants. Fortunately for us, they even dedicated one episode just to the servant’s story, which was great. The character development between Sebastion and Ciel make up for my hunger for more attention to the others. Another thing I loved about this anime was that they misled you to think the motives of some of the the other characters were distinct until a plot twist comes up and turns the situation completely around. You gotta love the plot twists. And the bonus would be Sebastion himself, in all his glory. His devilishly good looks were just for fan service. But you have to admit, he was one good-looking butler. I mean, come on! Even a male shinigami fell for him, even to the point of saying that he will ” bear his children”.  (poor Grell)


This anime was a great anime with a mysterious dark theme. The art was simply beautiful and the sound was very fitting to the atmosphere. I thoroughly loved this anime, although it could use alittle adjustment to the plot halfway down the series. I would have preferred it to stick with the manga but it was still enjoyable. Everything came together magnificently and created an anime worth re-watching. Definitely a favorite of mine. I wish the manga would come I out faster! TT.TT

8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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