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twobellssilence avatar twobellssilence


Feb 6, 2008

Welcome! OH! I really enjoyed Rurouni Kenshin and Get Backers! Good picks!

bunnyfingers avatar bunnyfingers


Feb 6, 2008

Hey!   Welcome to anime-planet!  Wow!  You've seen a lot of anime!!!  Can you give me any suggestions?  I'm in a bit of an anime slump right now, I haven't seen anything in a while thats captivated my attention and made me want to watch a tonne more.  So any suggestions that you can make would be appreciated.  You should fill out the rest of your profile, like your top 5 (though this will probably be really hard for you... it was for me!  well my top 5 probably aren't my top 5) and the rest of your bio.  It helps other users make suggestions/get suggestions on what to watch next!

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