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DarkerThanBlue avatar DarkerThanBlue

You Rock!

Sep 30, 2012

Aah, I love you. Thanks for telling me about this site, I have been wanting to write my anime list somewhere. 

Kaskazuza avatar Kaskazuza

Thanks! ^_^

Feb 2, 2012

Well thanks for being my first wall post and friend. I really just started having an AP account and trying to get into the groove of things. Make friends/Share Opinions\recommendations. That sort of thing. I have more I could probably recommend but I won't bombard you with all of them ;b Althought I will continue to check back ^^

xXNeriahXx avatar xXNeriahXx


Feb 2, 2012


Thanks for looking at my list, I looked at yours too. XD

You have watched a lot of anime! Or maybe I never looked at my list lol I don't know it was so long.

About the anime you recommended I've been curious to watch it. I heard good things about it. I'll put it in my list. As soon as I finish the first season of FMA, I'll watch it.

Thanks =)

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