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Kari5 Sep 29, 2010

To add on to what unitzero said, although we can't use the photos and descriptions you provided, we can still add the basic information. However, you seemed to have missed a very important field, and we can't add the character without it. We need to know if each character is main/secondary/minor in the series. If you go to this forum you can provide the missing information. Then as soon as someone can confirm it, we can add the character ^-^ (you can also write a new description or provide another photo if you wish)

If you have any questions, read the character submissions guide or just send me an email. Thanks for helping out!

unitzero Sep 29, 2010

hey there hold up. :D

please read the "how to add characters" guide before adding characters. we appreciate your desire to help fill in the database but those entries are not going to be used. everything on the site must be original. no official art, no descriptions from other sites, etc.