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In my opinion, Tayutama was one of the worst anime of the Spring 2009 season of anime.

The plot begins with Yuuri, a loser high school student (*cough* Hideki, Keitaro, Keiichi *cough*) summons a goddess (Mashiro) who falls in love with with him quickly decides to marry him (which he has to do). It's up to them to battle the Tayutai, and protect the world, etc. Not the worst story in the world, but defiantly not that original for anime.

Then the harem begins, with other blushing girls being thrown in: Ameri, Yumina, Mifuyu, and later Nue. So not much original here: Basic supernatural ecchi harem. Did you know this anime is based off an adult game? That shows the concentration of the character's looks and general artwork, but total lack of original plot. The 'battles' against the enemies are also quite lame, and usually result in everyone becoming friends instead of actual defeat.

Not only are most of the characters generic, but most of the girls have extremely annoying voices, especially Mashiro and Nue. Combined with Mashiro's Chii-like personality, she's downright annoying.

So I recommend people avoid this one, unless of course you enjoy ecchi harems, in which case you may enjoy it but don't expect it to measure up to good harems.

3/10 story
6.5/10 animation
4/10 sound
3.5/10 characters
3/10 overall

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Avrgeboy123 Jan 3, 2012

I agree with this review, there seemed to be no real direction with the anime and little to no redeeming qualitites. I was going to write a bad review for this but it sould appear as though you managed to capture most of my complaints.

Kari5 Aug 16, 2010

@ Banjo I think negative reviews are more helpful than positive ones, since most users just rate everything 7-10. So I tend to avoid writing reviews for good shows.

Hairgod Aug 1, 2010

I watched first episode and I didnt find it to be as bad as you said... and when I saw your review rating about dragon ball kai, sorry but I couldnt take your review seriously after that!

At least I have seen worse eroge-to-anime works...

Yeah, but still I wonder what those japanese have in their minds... I mean, human created gods and their god looks like... that. I know this isnt the only one! and I dont have anything against them! But it is funny when you think about it.

TheBanjo Jul 24, 2010

You seem to give a lot of poor reviews.