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Jan 3, 2012

(First off, I think I should mention I'm a huge fan of X-Men and that
will probably affect my review.)

Although I'm a huge X-Men fan, I couldn't get myself to enjoy this. And not for fanboy reasons like "OMG, it's not EXACTLY like the comic books!" (I will talk about this a bit though).

My first complaint is the characters. They have a large cast of original characters with cool powers, but they don't use them. Scott and Emma are the main focus, while the others are secondary to them. I'm glad they didn't go overboard and introduce 20 mutants, but they could have made the characters they chose to use less 'two-dimentional'. Their personality could have been shown more, and their powers could have been used in more interesting ways. (Also, if you're looking at the opening/closing it includes many mutants that are not even in the show).

Which leads me to my next point. There are very few action scenes in the show. The coolest thing about mutants is their powers, but there are only a few action scenes. Instead, they will entire episodes with the chaaracters just standing around and talking, which is the show's biggest downfall. All the dialogue is long, dull, and neverending conversations. There are a few fun one-liners, but that's about it. The slow pace of the show makes it almost unbearable to watch.

The plot was also a bit confusing and all over the place. It jumped from plot point to plot point (U-Men, Hisako, disease) and although they all tied in together in the end, the rest of the show was just too confusing. It had no direction.

Now a few fan-comments:
-Cyclops kept posing all the time. Very annoying. He also was a blast-first, ask questions later kind of guy, which isn't what he is like in the comics.
-Emma Frost was weak, had HUGE boobs, her second form is never referred to as 'diamond', her telepahy (which could have solved so many problems) was rarely used, and she wasn't the loveable cocky bitch from the comics.
-Beast, Storm, and Armor had the only character designs I liked. Even Xavier, a simple character to draw, look far too serious and didn't have that fatherly smile.
-No good mutant villians. If they had stuff with a character like Magneto instead of trying to make such a confusing plot, it might have been more enjoyable.
-The voices didn't match the characters. But this is probably because I'm not used to hearing American characters speaking Japanese. However, I saw part of an episode in English, and it sounded much better.
-This version of Wolverine is better than the one from the Wolverine anime, but still not perfect.
-The show didn't have a X-Men feel to it. 

Overall enjoyment: 4

5/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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