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Battle of Clay 2

15 NOV

This short is an absolute waste of time. The entire thing consists of two claymation figures playing some sort of weird game that involves hitting each other with a hammer. There is no plot, the only characters are poorly shappen clay men, and the sound is crap. Avoid at all costs, it's seriously not just "bad", but a waste of time.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 0.5/10
  • Animation 0.5/10
  • Sound 0.5/10
  • Characters 0.5/10
  • Overall 0.5/10


Kari5 avatar Kari5
Dec 17, 2011

My skills at claymation has nothing to do with how good this is xD Also, just because it is his second claymation doesn't mean it deserves a higher rating. If it sucks, it sucks.

sopuli avatar sopuli
Dec 17, 2011

It has no plot because its short and its badly animated because it was the second clay animation the guy made ("My second clay-animation(silent)") <from youtube/user/takena

Atleast try making a good review from the point of view where his skills are. That much i know that you yourself couldnt even make close as good clay animation that he did on first and second try.

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