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Valkyria Chronicles

       This show takes place during a large scale war between Gallia and the Empire. It focuses on the people within Squad 7 (the main characters being Welkin, the captain, and Alicia, his second in command) of the militia. The episodes consist of battles or small pauses in between (that usually focus on character development). It shows various sides of the war, including the enemies’ view and shows what happens to the innocent people who are affected.

       It’s similar to Full Metal Alchemist in the sense it’s military focused, with soldiers who don’t like the way the war is going. There are also the race of people called the Darcsens, who are treated much like the Ishbalins in FMA (which is similar to what happened in WW2); they are looked down upon, killed, and even put into working camps. The show doesn’t have an overly dark atmosphere, but it still touches on some serious issues.

       The characters were all pretty decent (I especially enjoyed the transsexual in the Squad), however other than the main characters, not much info is given about their pasts. As a whole, they all go through character development, but only about 5 main ones have serious development dealing with their pasts. This could be because it’s based off a PS3 video game, which no doubt went much deeper and give more information on the rest on the squad.

       Overall, one of my favorite series of the season. I enjoyed the unique art style, the characters, and the battles. Not amazing, but worth a watch.

7.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Rickoon says...

I wasn't going to watch this show because of complaints I'd heard, but your review has rekindled my interest; thanks for the heads-up.

Nov 2, 2009
RyuSoma says...

Nice one!  I recently played and beat the PS3 game, so the review is pretty spot on.  The game was great and I would love to watch this anime.  I hope the show comes stateside.  That would be nice.  Good job!

Nov 2, 2009