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Cosplay Picnic

15 JUN

Went to a small cosplay photoshoot 2 weeks back. I'd rather not post any pictures other than myself, for privacy reasons. There were some pretty impressive stuff, but you're stuck with only mine, lol.

So here is me, as Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha. It's actually an old cosplay I wore to Anime North a few years back and decided to wear again because I didn't have any good photos of it. I still don't have perfect photos but w/e :p (also, my mouth area looks weird because I'm wearing fangs, so they push my lips out a little oddly when my mouth is closed like this >-> I'll remember to take them out next time)


In two weeks, I'll be heading to Animaritime, a small-ish but awesome anime con in Moncton, NB. I'll be running a few panels and buying tons of anime shit with money I don't have :D Woooooo!

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