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Animaritime 2011

22 JUL



A bit late, but I went to an anime convention a whilte back....but I don't have many photos to show how awesome it was :p I really enjoyed myself, both as an attendee and as staff. It was my first time running so many panels over 3 days, so it was quite the experience! Nothing went horribly wrong, other than some Xbox problems that just caused a delay ( ^-^;;), and I really enjoyed running them. And, for the first time ever, I wasn't puking by the end of the con! Yay! Perhaps it's because I wasn't as stressed as previous years (more prepared, no costumes to worry about, etc.) but I didn't feel ill at all, just sleepy :p Slept through part of a Hetalia showing, haha.


Anywho, here are a few photos. (sorry for large sizes)


First, the only costume I wore the entire weekend (I had brought another, but I needed to style the wig in my hotel room and it never happened >.>)


Next is a random photo from the Yu-Gi-Oh tournament I helped run.



This is me and a friend :3 We were totally wig sisters.



Finally, my purchases of the weekend.

In this first one, all the stuff I bought.

One Piece poster, Portal 2 artwork, bookmarks Tsubasa figurine, pokemon plush, peguin plush, several Chi's Sweet Home stuff (only found these on Sunday <3 one vendor had a bunch of stuff!), a Pinky Street girl, and some One Piece figurines.


Here is a close-up of the One Piece figurines, one of my favorite finds because it included the only Ivankov merchandise there.


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